We Live in Public

I recently watched a documentary called We Live in Public about Internet entrepreneur and media artist Josh Harris. In 1999 he set up a bunker under the streets of New York in which over 100 artists lived under constant televised surveillance. It was a wildly ambitious, live-in installation that looked at every aspect of day-to-day living and incorporated it into the piece. The lives of the participants were entirely curated – from the way they showered (in transparent plastic tents) to the way they ate (at a single dining table with meals prepared by a live-in staff)

After that, Harris lived with his lover in a home that was wired with webcams so that their life was completely visible to Internet viewers. The film raises some interesting questions about how behavior is affected when privacy is removed from the social equation.

Oddly, for someone as obsessed with making his life visible to the world as Harris, I had never heard of him.

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