Topics for a Bloody Mary Brunch

Best questions to discuss at brunch while slowly stirring a Bloody Mary with a half-chewed piece of celery:

  1. Who should accompany your daughter to the Spring Cotillion now that Blake is out of the picture?
  2. Is Pocket-Full-O-Miracles ready for the stakes?
  3. Would Annabelle be upset if you included ‘The Cape Cod Incident?” in your memoirs?
  4. Who will be using the summer house on the 4th of July?
  5. Should you make the big announcement next weekend, or wait for Granddad’s retirement party?
  6. What can be done if Charles fails to repay his loan from the family trust?
  7. If they don’t make you a partner after this case, should you start looking at other firms?
  8. Should you renew the club membership now that they’ve removed the clay courts?
  9. If Glen was cheating, does that nullify the prenup?
  10. When did they start adding so much Worcestershire to this mix?
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  1. Raquel August 7, 2015 at 3:20 am

    WASP summed up in one drink!

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