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The Internet of Refrigerators

The “next big thing” that technology people are predicting is the Internet of Things – household devices that, for some reason, will be connected to the Internet. The most frequently cited example of this is the “smart fridge” that can send you a text message when you’re out of mustard. Since this is something I’ll need to be prepared for as a designer, I’ve gone ahead and mocked-up the screen interface for my future smart-fridge.

The interface of my future smart-fridge
The interface of my future smart-fridge


Ellen Moskowitz

i just want a working ice maker that doesn’t grind and moan as it operates– can’t we get that right first?


Love it Josh! What a clever, fun and, might I add, human UI for the future. One thing I’d add is a ‘burping’ sound that the intellifrost refrigerator makes when the owner has too much of a product they shouldn’t eat! Ie. cake, chocolate or ice team!

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