Interface Design Resources

DIY Wireframe Magnets from Konigi

DIY Wireframe Magnets from Konigi

For all my UX design friends out there, I thought I’d post links to a few of my favorite interface design resources.

A great site that catalogues an array of quality UI elements. They also have a page with some useful templates and tools for wireframing, including a set of printable images you can use to create your own set of moveable magnets (in case you want to design a website on your fridge.)

Wireframes Magazine
The design of every good website or interactive project begins with wireframes. A  fellow up in Canada, named Jakub Linowski, keeps a blog called Wireframes Magazine which offers some excellent advice for Information Architects. He also discusses the many tools available for quickly generating early visual representations of interfaces.

Pattern Tap
Pattern Tap collects and organizes examples of web design interface elements. The site is broken down into helpful categories like navigation, tables, pagination, and breadcrumbs.

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