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Welcome Explorers

Please enjoy these artifacts from my intrepid
expeditions in the world of design, art and ideas...

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Support the Solar System


Make a donation to help pay for all those pixels.
  • The Infinite Scroll

The Infinite Scroll


Is the web messing with our sense of time and story?
  • four plays in which one of the characters turns out to be  a robot

Four Scenes in Which One Character Turns Out to Be a Robot


Some short plays for your enjoyment.
  • mobilemonologues

5 Monologues for Mobile Phones


Some short plays, published here for anyone to perform on their cellphone.
  • I'm a Winner!

I’m a Winner!


A brief recap of the Webby Awards
  • badge_nominee

Webby Award Showdown!

04.09.15| has been nominated for a Webby Award. Does it stand a chance of winning? Only you can decide!
  • translators-img

Found in Translation


A glimpse into the lives of the 1 pixel moon translators.
  • andromeda

A Big Picture of Andromeda


An enormous photo of the nearest galaxy.
  • Your World Will Never be the Same

Your World Will Never be the Same


Excerpts from either a memoir by a first-time parent or a post-apocalyptic novel.
  • A Couple of Poor Polish-Speaking Romaniians

A New Poster Design


Promotional image for a new play by The Ghost Road Company
  • sci-fi-collage

Tales to Confound and Annoy


Top complaints from the disgruntled editor of a failing sixties sci-fi magazine.
  • bloodymary-01

Topics for a Bloody Mary Brunch


The 10 best questions to discuss at brunch while slowly stirring a Bloody Mary with a half-chewed piece of celery.

Yule love this video


Joy to the world, please.

Is the Moon the Earth’s Shadow?


At 4:30 in the morning, I tried to figure out how the moon was formed.
  • Distance of the Voyager Spacecraft

FAQs: 1 Pixel Moon Map


I've received a lot of interesting questions from people who have taken a look at If the Moon Were Only 1 Pixel. Here I will try to quench your insatiable curiosity.
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