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  • noAI

Stop Calling it Artificial Intelligence


Why the term itself is limiting how we think about thinking machines

  • This Place We Remember. That Place We Forgot.

This Place We Remember. That Place We Forgot.


An interactive collage.

  • 78 Coins

78 Coins


An interactive essay about why we're probably not alone in the universe.

  • stanthings

Things Stanley Hands Me


A new place to put the things that are handed to me by an 18-month old.

  • Helping Syrian Refugees Transition to the New Apple Font

Helping Syrian Refugees Transition to iOS9’s New Font


Fearlessly addressing one of the biggest challenges facing the Syrian refugees.

  • Donate to 1pixelmoon.com

Support the Solar System


Make a donation to help pay for all those pixels.

  • The Infinite Scroll

The Infinite Scroll


Is the web messing with our sense of time and story?

  • Hacienda Paradiso

Hacienda Paradiso


A full-length play based on mysterious events which transpired when a group of eccentric Germans settled on the island of Floreana in the Galapagos in the 1930s.

  • The Subscription

The Subscription


A play about a marketing study that gets out of hand.

  • four plays in which one of the characters turns out to be  a robot

Four Scenes in Which One Character Turns Out to Be a Robot


Some short plays for your enjoyment.

  • mobilemonologues

5 Monologues for Mobile Phones


Some short plays, published here for anyone to perform on their cellphone.

  • I'm a Winner!

I’m a Winner!


A brief recap of the Webby Awards

  • badge_nominee

Webby Award Showdown!


1pixelmoon.com has been nominated for a Webby Award. Does it stand a chance of winning? Only you can decide!

  • translators-img

Found in Translation


A glimpse into the lives of the 1 pixel moon translators.

  • andromeda

A Big Picture of Andromeda


An enormous photo of the nearest galaxy.

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